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Maroney Consulting Services LLC, President

Mr. Maroney provides comprehensive and professional consultation regarding Colorado liquor laws and rules, dram shop liability, trade practices, and liquor compliance.  He provides detailed information to assist legal experts, stakeholders and licensees in determining best practices, liability and business plans related to alcohol beverages.

During his tenure as the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Director, Patrick provided numerous interpretations of state liquor laws and rules for stakeholders, legislators and policy makers.  He conducted numerous training classes related to alcohol beverage law, rules and policies throughout Colorado.  As Director, his attitude was to approach each issue thoroughly, reviewing all aspects to ensure laws and rules were followed in conjunction with best practices for businesses.

He worked with liquor stakeholders in navigating the implementation of two historic alcohol bills in Colorado, Senate Bills 16-197 and 18-243 and chaired the SB16-197 legislative working group and numerous rule making meetings.

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Patrick Maroney, President - 
Maroney Consulting  Services  LLC

Patrick Maroney, President - 

Maroney Consulting  Services  LLC